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Overdue Update

Simpler times. On the hook in Key Largo.

Madge is still for sale. Read on…

Time flies when you’re having fun. And even when you’re not. I can’t believe the amount of time that’s passed since my last post. It’s been a whirlwind of activity. I’ve been back and forth across the country a couple of times and am not sure exactly where I’ll end up next. I’ve made plenty of new friends on both coasts, and have enjoyed some fascinating work experiences. I’ve watched my grandchildren grow. The one important thing that I’ve not done is properly advertise Madge as a boat for sale. I think in my subconscious mind I really didn’t want to let her go. Yes, I’ve been quite busy. And, I’ve been far from home. Well, I’ve never advertised a boat before, and put off looking up how to simply put up a post in the various places where such things are done. Okay, I spread a little “word of mouth” information and put up a sign in the boatyard, showed Madge to a couple of folks, and would have taken an offer if a buyer had come to me, but in the dark recesses of my brain, I think I’ve held on to a glimmer that we might go cruising again.

The glimmer has finally faded. Going cruising was at the top of our bucket list, and we did it. We’ve crossed that item off the list. Our interests have changed. There are other different things I want to do both professionally and personally. The time has come to let go.

We put a lot of money and effort into making Madge the type of cruising boat that I wanted. She has a lot of great features. She served us well. It doesn’t do us or her any good for her to sit in a boat yard. She needs to go back in the water with a new crew that wants to experience the cruising life like we did; to have adventures like we did; and to make lifelong friends on the water like we did.

If you’re reading this post because you saw an advertisement, please click on the “Pictures of Madge” tab on the nav bar at the top of the page. Check her out. She got a little disheveled after we first put her in the yard, but we’ve cleaned her up and put her back in the same shape she was in the day we moved back on land, except that she hasn’t been in the water for a year and a half. She is being sold “as is,” but she is not a “project” boat. We’ve kept her in good physical shape — as best we can without living aboard and doing daily upkeep — except for running the engine, which we can’t do while she’s on land. She only requires some maintenance to be ready to drop back into the water and sail off on her next adventure.

Madge is a comfortable liveaboard boat with a shallow enough draft and low enough rig to traverse the entire East Coast and Gulf Coast ICW (and Okeechobee Waterway) without difficulty. She’s sturdy and stable. She’s a sound coastal cruiser.

Are you the one?