Madge Is For Sale

I’m leaving on a jet plane. Don’t know when I’ll be back again.

I’m not quoting Peter, Paul & Mary. (Well, I am, but…) A lot has been happening on the land side of things over the past couple of months. The time has come for me to rejoin the active workforce. My initial plans to go back to the WBA (see earlier posts) did not come to pass, so I’ll be heading off to a different large airport on the West Coast. My new position is at a higher level of management than previous positions, and I’m excited about all the possibilities I face to make a positive impact on a critical piece of a major infrastructure redevelopment. The only problem is that I’ll be 2,500 miles away from the rest of my family for an extended period of time. Suzy will be staying on the East Coast, and our children and grandchildren will remain in Georgia and Florida. I foresee a lot of air miles in my future.

Unfortunately, this change means that not only will Suzy and I not be cruising anymore, we will probably not be sailing at all. I need to find a new home for Madge.

Just so you know, Madge avoided the devastation that hit St. Marys during Hurricane Irma. I had moved her from her mooring ball in the St. Marys River to the local boat yard the week before the storm struck — just a lucky coincidence as I prepared to move West. All but a couple of boats in the river, mooring field, anchorage, and even in the two marinas were either destroyed, heavily damaged or pushed up into the marsh by Irma. A friend who had tied his boat to our mooring ball lost his boat when a broken-off piece of floating dock from one of the marinas crashed into his boat and swept it into the marsh, with bowsprit and mast broken. We lost our mooring. But Madge stayed safe and sound in the boat yard, without a scratch. Our only loss was the line for our flag halyards. Both flag halyards chaffed, frayed and separated, leaving wisps of spidery filaments wrapped around Madge’s running rigging. Our mainsail and spinnaker halyards look like they’ve been decorated for Halloween.

I’ve just completed removing all our personal items from the boat and buttoning her up. The “For Sale” sign went up yesterday. If you’re interested, she’s on view at Saint Marys Boat Services on New Point Peter Road in Saint Marys, Georgia. Pictures of Madge and information about her equipment and systems are on the page titled “Pictures of Madge” on this website.

I spent years and significant resources getting Madge ready for our cruising. In the short time it’s been since we moved off her and back into our house, she’s begun to decline. She’s a well-equipt cruising boat and needs to be on the water. It doesn’t do the boat any good to sit on dry land, especially when she could be serving another cruiser so well. Madge has been the major underlying focus of my life (except for Suzy) for the past ten years. But the sad time has come for her to move on to be a part of someone else’s life.