Nov 29 – Seeing New Friends

The crew of S/V All In. Sorry, Bryan. You’re too tall.

One of the things I didn’t mention in yesterday’s long post about the Saint Marys Thanksgiving Cruisers Event, was that we got to see a lot of our cruising friends. Some of our favorites are the crew of S/V All In, consisting of Bryan and Laura, and their little girls Avery and Leslie. We had been receiving packages for a couple weeks on behalf of friends who would be stopping by over the holiday, including a couple for All In — so we were confident we would get to visit with them. They arrived on Tuesday after an offshore overnight passage, and were pretty wiped out, so we invited them to our house for lunch, laundry, and long hot baths on Wednesday. We have a tankless water heater, so we weren’t worried about running out, but — much to our chagrin — we discovered that the single-stem faucet in our guest shower had gone bad. We didn’t learn this until AFTER Laura had taken a COLD shower. She had started a load of laundry while Bryan took a shower in our large walk-in shower in the Master Bathroom. Then, she didn’t say anything about the cold shower until after she got out. I guess she thought we had run out of hot water because of Bryan’s shower and the laundry. Did we forget to tell her about our unlimited water heater? But even worse than inviting someone over for a long, warm shower and then they have to suffer through a cold one… Suzy had been telling the little girls that they could have a long, soaking bubble bath. They were so looking forward to it. To have to tell them that they could only take a shower instead was heartbreaking. But the girls took it in stride. Such little troopers for being only three and four years old.

Only one of their packages had arrived by Wednesday, and with Thursday being a holiday, we began to worry if they would get delayed continuing south. On Friday, we loaned them our golf cart so they could show the girls around town and go to the park. Still, their package did not come. Suzy and I felt bad for them, because most of the boats in town would be leaving on Saturday, and All In would be stuck waiting for their package. Bryan and Laura seemed to have resolved themselves to watching the other boats sail off without them, but fortunately, about mid morning on Saturday, the Big Brown Truck brought their last package. Bryan hopped in his dink and we raced down to the waterfront. We said our hasty goodbyes, and All In was able to get underway by noon. I had told Bryan on Wednesday about the free dock at Sisters Creek near Jacksonville, and we figured he should be able to get there by dark. We were happy to learn later that All In did get to Sisters Creek by dark, that there was room for them there, and that the other two boats at the dock had both just come from Saint Marys. They were “back with the herd” now, and should have a pleasant journey south.

One of my biggest disappointments about the Port of Thanksgiving event this year was that there were so few children. There were only nine total this year. Four were from the crews of two boats who drove in and out on Thursday, and three were from a boat that had to leave on Wednesday, which was just as All In was coming ashore. That meant that Avery and Leslie didn’t have anyone near their own age to play with. Having more boats with children participating will be a goal of mine during my tenure as Event Coordinator.