Nov 13 – Robot Camp

Yesterday, Suzy and I went to Jacksonville to celebrate our oldest grandson’s birthday. He turns six on Tuesday. The boy is a big LEGO enthusiast, so his parents arranged a LEGO robotics party for him. Along with the usual cake and play activities party stuff, each child attending built a functioning, remote-controlled “Mars rover” model. To keep the adults occupied while the children were putting their robots together, there was a larger, more complicated robot to be built. Our daughter and I tackled this task. Though she is now a lawyer, she had wanted to be an architect when she was younger, and she has pretty good spacial recognition. It didn’t take much help from me, the engineer, for her to build the “adult” robot. I must admit that Suzy and I were surprised and impressed by this type of a party for young children. It was fun for them, educational, and challenged their abilities. I was also happy to see that the small group included a little girl, who held her own with the boys. I’ve been an engineer all my life, and the few women I’ve worked with are some of the best engineers I’ve known. I wish our culture could get over this idea that the female of the species can’t be good at math and technology.

Here are a couple of proud grandparents with their boys.