Fun with Friends

BendersWe were at the boat yard on Wednesday when our new friends on Kindred Spirit III arrived. We had been raving about the great yard at St. Marys Boat Services since we met them, and I guess they decided to see for themselves. When not cruising on the water in their trawler, they are cruising on land in their motor home. They’ll leave the boat at SMBS while they hit the road during the hot months. We met Bill and Laura in Moore Haven, FL, while transiting the Okeechobee Waterway, and crossed paths with them several times as we both headed north. Before deciding to try out SMBS, they had intended to leave their boat in the water in Brunswick. But there are advantages to having a boat on dry land if it’s going to be unattended for several months, so they headed for St. Marys instead. We welcomed them to our home town and chatted for a bit before finally asking them what their immediate plans were. Their primary need, Bill told us, was to rent a car and drive to Brunswick to get the car they had left there. Well, since Brunswick is only 45 minutes from St. Marys, we wouldn’t allow them to rent a car — we’d happily take them ourselves. We headed out the next morning for Brunswick, where their car was waiting for them (in good shape, starting up right away), and then shared lunch at a quaint little spot that we’d never heard of. They’ve headed out now to pick up their RV, which is in another part of the state, while we babysit the contents of their freezer in our freezer for a few days, so they don’t have to use up power in their boat till they get back with the RV.

Having taken our leave of the Kindred Spirits and after returning to St. Marys, we invited some neighbors (who are also yacht club friends) over for happy hour. They had been keeping an eye on our home while we were away, and we wanted to visit with them and thank them for their help. We gabbed long past dinner time, so then, since there was no time to prepare a meal at home, we all went out for Thai food. The following evening, some other local cruising friends invited us to dine with them at our favorite gourmet Southern/French restaurant in Kingsland (the city adjacent to St. Marys). Of course, we couldn’t turn that down. We’ve enjoyed wonderful visits and great food, but we’ve eaten out so much in the past two weeks that I can barely remember the last time we sat down to dinner at home. And we have more invitations pending.

I guess this just proves that if you want to be well-liked by your friends, go far away for an extended period of time.