Can’t Rest Yet

We’ve been as busy ashore as we were on the boat. We’ve got a lot to do before we are ready to head north for the next phase of our cruise.

We landed on Friday, April 15. Some sympathetic friends from the yacht club (and long before that, too) decided we shouldn’t have to feed ourselves, and cooked us a wonderful dinner with real vegetables. We ate well on Madge, but one of the things we couldn’t manage, and therefore did not carry, was fresh green vegetables. We had to settle for canned. The food was excellent and greatly appreciated, and we were surprised we were able to stay up as late as we did, drinking wine and telling tales. That night, we slept on a large, comfortable bed (that didn’t move!), and slept late the next morning. I didn’t have to worry about the wind, weather or if the anchor was dragging. It was wonderful.

Our daughter arrived Saturday with all the mail she’d been collecting for us while we were away. The post office had managed to forward most of it to her address. Since the date for filing tax returns had been pushed back to Monday, and now that I had all the documents I needed to file, I got to work preparing our 1040. I had put in for an extension before we left, since our original plan did not have us returning until the end of May, but decided not to use it. I had about as much fun as I usually have, and by the end of it we had almost broken even. We had to pay the Feds, but got a little back from the state. The net loss was not as much as putting Madge in a marina for a couple of days, so I counted the effort as a victory.

We went to Jacksonville to visit our two grandsons on Sunday (oh… and our daughter and son-in-law, too). They fed us while we were there. We had been home for three days, and had yet to eat at home.


On Monday, we drove to Brunswick to finally catch up with our Canadian friends on Wind Song II. They had stayed one step ahead of us on the water, and would only be close by for another couple of days. We had spent a great week rafted up with them in Vero Beach in January, and wanted to see them again before they headed back north. As the picture shows, we managed not to eat at home yet again. We promised to visit them in Ontario in the next summer or two, and they in turn promised to be our sponsors if we ever had to move to Canada. We had a great time with them, and stayed very late. The drive back to St. Marys after midnight didn’t seem to take any time at all.

Some sense of normalcy finally returned on Tuesday. We went to the grocery store in a car — first time this year. Now we get back to the grind. Madge needs some repairs, and so do I. But as soon as we can both manage, we’ll be off again.