Scoobie Dubhe Doo!


MV Dubhe arrived from Stuart on Thursday, after a mad three-day dash from Ft. Myers Beach to Stuart via the Okeechobee Waterway. A similar (but slightly shorter) trip took us four days. In any event, the weary travelers rafted up with us — as is the practice at Vero — and took a couple of days to catch their breath. It had only been three weeks since ¬†we’d last seen them, but since it’s so easy to lose track of time on the water, it seemed like much longer. Anyway, it was a happy reunion, and we resumed our practice of alternating sundowners, which was much easier since we only had to step across the side rails, instead of hopping into the dinghy.

As we are, the Dubhes are anxious to get back home, so we put together a travel plan with long days and only one rest day. We should be home by the middle of the month. Each travel day, except the last one for us, will cover more than 50 nautical miles. There are five travel legs for us to get back to St. Marys, eight for Dubhe to get home to Beaufort, SC. Intermediate stops en route to St. Marys will be: Cocoa (overnight, anchor); New Smyrna Beach, with rest day (two nights, marina); Marineland (overnight, marina); and, Jacksonville/Sisters Creek (overnight, free public dock). Dubhe will have two more stops between St. Marys and Beaufort, at Doboy Sound and Savannah. We hoped to leave Vero Beach for Cocoa on Saturday, arriving at New Smyrna Beach on Sunday, but the marina was booked up for Sunday night, so we slipped a day to stay at the New Smyrna Beach City Marina on Monday and Tuesday nights. We’ll leave Vero Beach on Sunday instead of Saturday. The Velcro strikes again.

We got a message from Kindred Spirit that they would be leaving the motor trawler rendezvous in Ft. Pierce on Saturday and heading to Vero. We hoped we’d get to see them before we left, but their plans must’ve taken them to another stop, because they didn’t come into the City marina. But we did learn that they will be leaving Kindred Spirit in St. Marys for awhile, so we are sure to meet up with them soon.