Reefer Madness

Madge on Ball - 110815Here’s Madge back on her ball in the St. Marys River, wondering why in the world she’s here and not heading somewhere fun.

It’s the refrigerator’s fault.

Now that the dinghy motor is working reliably, the only thing keeping us from leaving is the “reefer.” Without it, we’d constantly be buying blocks of ice and pumping out the box — and I don’t intend to do that unless I absolutely have to. So, until I can figure out what’s wrong, we’re staying here.

In the meantime, Suzy and I are brushing up on our navigational skills in a night class with another couple of couples from the yacht club; we’ve volunteered to help next week in decorating one of the mansions on Cumberland Island for Christmas; and we’ve offered to provide transportation for cruisers in town the week of Thanksgiving. During the days, we dinghy out to Madge and work on the refrigerator. I bang around and curse for an hour or two each morning, and then we come back to shore and I go buy something else in an attempt to find a solution to the “working fine but not getting cold” problem. I’m now wondering if there’s a problem with the low pressure quick disconnect port, since the refrigerant I keep trying to add just doesn’t seem to be getting into the system.

I think it’s time to call in some knowledgeable friends.