Please Stop Raining

I just emptied the rain gauge in our front yard. In the two days since I last emptied it, we got five inches of rain. Since we pulled the mast on Madge, we’ve had twelve inches of rain. On Sunday, I checked my temporary covers over the holes in the deck where the chainplates poked through, and thought they were holding up well. But the temporary seals are never as good as the permanent ones, and during the deluge we got later on Sunday, water got into the boat. Of course, it then collected on the shelf in the salon where all my paper charts and cruising guidebooks are kept. I discovered the damage Monday morning. Since then, I’ve been spreading out very expensive charts all over the house to dry, and running books through the oven on low heat. They will survive, and will be legible, but are badly stained.

Sooner or later, everything on a boat is going to get wet. It’s a fact of life. I recommend buying stock in zip-lock bags, because we will be using a lot of them to try to protect all sorts of things from the deleterious effects of moisture.

Other than the water intrusion into the boat, the rain is delaying some fiberglass work I need to finish before I can install the new Genoa winches. Plus, all the lines are getting wet and green with algae, and lichen is growing on the deck. And I hate working in the rain.

The forecast for the next week is for high temperatures and lots of tropical moisture in the atmosphere, meaning more rain.

Please. Just. Stop.