St. Marys Is Now Home

image After weeks of purging and packing, we’ve finally made the move to St. Marys. Today we unloaded the moving van. This is what you get when you try to squeeze 4,000 square feet of stuff into an already furnished 1,400 square foot house. Every available space in Comeau Cottage is stacked with boxes – including the guest room and foyer. The garage is full of boxes, too. At least we got the furniture to fit, but only after getting rid of five bedrooms, two sofas, and multiple tables, lamps and chairs. Our next goal is to get our clothing put away. Then we’ll sort through the boxes and prioritize what to empty first. It promises to be a slow process. But the most gratifying thing is that tonight we’ll sleep in our own bed and won’t have to get up tomorrow thinking about a 350 mile drive home. I think we’ll sleep late in the morning.