So, Here’s the Backstory

Just so you’ll know a little bit about us and how we got where we are, here’s a summary. I’m a consulting engineer, and for the past 30 years I’ve been involved in the design mostly of airports and health care facilities. Before that, I was in medical research. (Long story. Some other time.) For the past 15 years, I’ve worked in Program Management for the reconstruction and upgrade of the World’s Busiest Airport (WBA), which despite early reservations turns out to be something I really like. Suzy is a retired kindergarten teacher, having spent over 30 years in both private and public schools.  She spends most of her time doing volunteer work in our community, reading in a couple of book clubs, or playing Bunco and Mah Jongg with her friends. We are active in our church and both sing in the choir. We have two homes. The inland home is close to my job at the WBA. We’re about to put it on the market. The coastal home is in St. Marys, which will be our home base while cruising.

My job at the WBA is project oriented. Mostly by luck, but also with a little bit of planning, my projects will all wrap up at about the same time later this Spring. It gives me a great opportunity to take an extended break from work. Suzy and I want to go cruising while we’re still young enough and fit enough to do so. I figure we can afford to be gone for two years, as long as there’s no major financial catastrophe. Then I’ll go back to work for another five or six years and retire for good at 70. That’s why I’m calling this a sabbatical. I’d like to come back to the WBA, but that’s uncertain.

We’ve been leisure sailors for over 15 years, having learned to sail as crew in the Caribbean, where we chartered for many years. We bought our first boat, Skitso, a 25-ft Catalina, in 2003. We sold Skitso and bought Madge in 2008.

So, we have the boat, the time, and – if our inland house sells – the money to sail away for a couple of years.

I’ll fill you in on our plan next time.